Front: Maxwell, Dudley, Rosie, Peanuts
Back: Valerie Lovins (Owner), Sarah

Stephanie Hall & Axl at the Orlando show.

Casmir Clumbers is a small kennel located in Thonotosassa, Florida, 7 miles outside of Tampa.  Before Clumbers, I had previously raised Poms, Malamutes, and Lilac Siamese cats.  As a child my mother raised English Springer Spaniels.

I started in Clumbers in 1996 with Maxwell (Ch. Lord Winston Maxwell Hunter) and then two years later I got Sarah (Ch. Wicfairs Sarah Lawrence).  I had my first litter of Clumbers in 2001 and kept Rosie (Ch. Casmir's Moonlight and Roses).  Both Rosie and  her littermate Tucker (Ch. Casmir's Mysty Moonlight) became champions. Tucker went on to receive an Award of Merit at Eukanuba.

Casmir Clumbers breeds for Temperament and Soundness; this is our first priority. We have produced 22 champions with several others only being a few points away from their championship.  Nick (Ch. Casmir's St. Nicholas) from our litter in December 2002 received an Award of Merit at Eukanuba.  He then went on to Westminster and was in the top 5 picked.  Rosie ( Ch. Casmir Moonlight and Roses) received Brood Bitch of the Year award at the 2006 Clumber Spaniel Club of America National.  Rosie had 6 Champions for the year 2006 - most of which were out of one litter.  We are very proud of our breeding program and have some exciting new prospects coming up.

Axl (AKC Grand Ch.Casmir Guns 'N Red Roses) received his Championship in just 5 shows at the age of 10 months. 
He has been campaigning since 2008 and has been in the top 10 every year since.  Axl also continues to receive multiple Group wins and BOB awards.  Click here to see Axl's show case gallery.

Axl has sired three litters and already has several champion puppies, with some of them working on their hunting titles as well.

Relive the Clumber Spaniel breed judging at the 2009 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and see if you can spot Axl* (AKC Grand Ch.Casmir Guns 'N Red Roses):

* Axl is #17 and is handled by Jane Myers.

Valerie Lovins is a member in good standing with the
Clumber Spaniel Club of America